Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2021

Vol. 52, Part 1 of 2022


Food, Clothing and Housing as Human Rights Kemal Bokhary 1
The 2019 Rendition Saga in Hong Kong: A Perspective on the Tensions Inherent in “One Country, Two Systems”Fan Xiang 9
Recordation and Review by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee under the Hong Kong Basic Law Paul Law and Trevor Wan 43
The CISG and its Extension to a Territorial Unit of a Contracting State: The Case of Hong Kong Liu Qiao 67
A Sophisticated Solution for Overlapping Maritime Areas: Is Joint Development Key for the East China Sea? Horus Qi, Pengfei Zhang and Tingting Ni 89
Parent Company’s Joint Liability in Tort: An Alternative to Manage Corporate Tort Problems Xue Feng 117
The Unity of Non-territoriality in Outer Space versus the Diversity of Territoriality in Intellectual Property: A Reconciliation Regime for Sustainable Space Commercialization Chen Zhijie 157
No-Fault Divorce: The Right Direction towards Therapeutic Justice Leon Vincent Chan and Andrea Ang Si Min 183
Regulating Weighted Voting Rights in Asia: Pragmatism or a Race to the Bottom? Charlie Weng Xiaochuan 209
Diversity of Mediation and its Impact on the Singapore Mediation Convention Cai Wei 237
China Law
The Doctrine of Kompetenz-Kompetenz: A Sino-French Comparative Perspective Fu Panfeng 259
The Mandatory Bid Rule’s Dispensation Regime for the Gratuitous Transfer of State-owned Shares in China: An Analysis from the Perspective of Efficiency Xue Renwei 289
The Autonomy of Charities in China Hui Jing 323
Unravelling the Paradigm Shift of Imposing Capital Punishment for Property Offences in Early Qing Dynasty Meng Ye and Chen Li 351
Government as a Platform Chinese Style: The Health Code in China’s Rapidly Developing Digital Ecosystem June Wang Zhiqiong 367
Book Review
Towering Judges: A Comparative Study of Constitutional Judges Evan Rosevear 397
Transnational Sex-TraffickingPatricia Ho 403

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