Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2021

Vol. 29 of 1999


A play in two acts: reflections on the theatre of the law - Yash Ghai 5
Injudicious pay cuts? - Peter Wesley-Smith 2
Media intrusion: an expanded role for the privacy commissioner? - Raymond Wacks 341
Privacy and Process - Raymond Wacks 176
The geographical sources of Hong Kong law - Peter Wesley-Smith 1
A plea for certainty: legal and practical problems in the presentation Of non-negotiable bills of lading - Felix W H Chan 44
Adverse possession and proprietary estoppel as defences to actions For possession - Alice Lee 31
Appropriation set aside: "A short point of law - but an interesting one" - Christopher Sherrin 16
Can Hong Kong courts review and nullify acts of the National People's Congress? - Bing Ling 8
Corporate Governance in the Information Age: The Impact of Information Technology and Emerging Legal Issues - Victor C S Yeo 194
Hong Kong and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - Moana Erickson and Andrew Byrnes 350
Hong Kong corporations after the handover: Matimak revisited - Michael Wilkinson 345
Implementing Equality: An Analysis of Two Recent Decisions Under Hong Kong's Anti-Discrimination Laws - Carole Petersen 178
When government intervenes: winding up fraudulent companies In Hong Kong - Charles D Booth 368
Why Second-Generation Mainland Children Have No Right of Abode in Hong Kong - Benny Tai 208
Applicability of the PRC Criminal Law in Hong Kong and The prospect of a rendition agreement between Hong Kong And the mainland - Bing Ling 393
Chinese wills under the laws of Hong Kong - Carol G S Tan 93
Entrapment, Human Rights and Criminal Justice: A Licence to Deviate? - Simon Bronitt 216
Judicial Review of Government Leases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Anthony M W Law 240
Simplifying legislation: property tax as an example - Spring Y C Fung 422
The Application of Chinese Law and Custom in Hong Kong - Su Yigong 267
The problem with the Dock case - Michael Littlewood 59
The temptation to intervene: problems created by government Intervention in the Hong Kong stock market - Katherine Lynch 123
Criminal law: towards an international legal order - The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin 448
Leasing Properties in the PRC: A Fruitful Investment for Hong Kong Landlords? An Examination of PRC Tenancy Law - Dennis H F Hie 310
Tax Benefits Enjoyed by H Share Companies: A Legal Analysis - Jenny S C Chung 294
The agreement between mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR On mutual enforcement of arbitral awards: problems and prospects - Xian Chu Zhang 463
The enforcement of Hong Kong SAR judgments in the mainland - Qingjang Kong 150
Interest rates paid on deposits 163
Multiplier 165, 340, 494
Recent awards 159, 334, 486
Enforcement of Judgments in Hong Kong by Gary Heilbronn, Christine Booth, and Helen McCook 166
Hong Kong Company Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary by Philip Smart, Katherine Lynch, and Anna Tam 169
Trade Mark Law in the People's Republic of China by Tan Loke Khoon And Clifford Borg-Marks 495
Thanks and Farewell to Professor Peter Wesley-Smith Richard Glofcheski

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