Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2021

Vol. 28 of 1998


Pursuing paparazzi: privacy and intrusive photography - Raymond Wacks 1
The battle of criminal jurisdictions - H L Fu 273
The judge in an evolving society - Lord Cooke of Thorndon 145
The state of Hong Kong's legal literature: law reports, legislation, and Current awareness - Jill Cottrell 5
The status of the Bill of Rights in the Hong Kong SAR - Johannes Chan 152
Adverse possession and statements against interest - Charles Harpum 329
Adverse possession in the New Territories - Jerry S L Tse 195
Directors: de jure, de facto, or shadow? - Caroline M Hague 304
Do we still need `shall'? - Anthony Watson-Brown 29
Hong Kong corporate rescue proposals: making secured creditors More secure - Charles D Booth 44
Judicial review and the Prison Rules - Peter Wesley-Smith 315
Liberalism, democracy, and Hong Kong - James Allan 156
Payment in and out and the Quistclose trust Eugene - T S Fung 168
Stateless Hong Kong corporations - Ken Lim, Michael Wilkinson, and Sean Leonard 16
The Law Reform Commission report on product liability - Jill Cottrell 282
The sins of the fathers: the interaction between the negligence of third Parties and the fault of parents of injured children - Jill Cottrell 181
Company directors' perceptions of their responsibilities and duties: Hong Kong survey - Abdual Majid, Low Chee Keong, and Krishnan Arjunan 60
Constitutional law and litigation in the first year of the Hong Kong SAR: Past trends and future developments - Daniel R Fung and Peter H H Wong 336
Developments in Australian administrative law - Sir Anthony Mason 379
Macau civil aviation and recent developments in air carrier Liability - Jose Thomas Baganha 90
The extraterritorial service of judicial documents from Hong Kong - Zhang Xian Chu 356
The meaning of `charge': private member's bills in the Legislative Council - Max Wai-lun Wong 230
Towards an international financial centre for greater China: Hong Kong and infrastructural reform - Joseph J Norton 209
Focus on the discretion whether to prosecute A comparative perspective: prosecutorial discretion in India - Mahendra Pingh 420
Colonial exercise of prosecutorial discretion - Peter Wesley-Smith 412
Prosecutorial discretion, independence, and accountability - Albert H Y Chen 406
The DPP and exercise of prosecutorial discretion I - Grenville Cross 400
Chinese administrative law package: limitations and prospects - Conita S C Leung 104
Paradoxes of legal development in 20th century China from the Perspective of modernisation - Suli Zhu 429
Practical demands to update the Company Law - Zhang Xian Chu 248
Interest Rates 119
Multiplier 121, 264, 446
Recent Awards 118, 261, 440
Hong Kong Tax: Cases and Materials by A J Halkyard and Jefferson P VanderWolk 269
Hong Kong Tenancy Law by Malcolm Merry 265
Intellectual Property Enforcement in China: Leading Cases and Commentary by Zheng Chengsi 129
Intellectual Property Law in China by Peter Feng 142
Legal Research: A Guide for Hong Kong Students by Jill Cottrell 127
The Arbitration Ordinance of Hong Kong: A Commentary by Robert Morgan 122
Wang's Business Law of China by Guiguo Wang 125

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